Pebble Stationery Co Notebook Review

Tomoe River paper. It gets me every time. I love the feel and look of the paper and I am always eager to see what different producers do with this magical substance. So when I read or hear about a new provider, I’ll check it out. That brings me to today’s review, Pebble Stationery CoContinue reading “Pebble Stationery Co Notebook Review”

Pocket Notebook Reviews

Field Notes, Duane Paper, Jetpen’s Kanso Sasshi, and Story Supply Co. Head to Head I use a lot of pocket sized notebooks. Food tracker (I write down everything I eat and when), exercise log book, recipes, books and movies to read/watch – have read/ watched, a book in the car, a stash book when IContinue reading “Pocket Notebook Reviews”

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