Kobe Ink #53 Kitano Pearl Silver – Ink Review

I am not sure how often I will do ink reviews. There are so many really good, dedicated web sites and blogs to ink reviews (Mountain of Ink is one of my favorites, and is just as advertised). I have purchased a few inks to fill my small but growing pen collection, and from timeContinue reading “Kobe Ink #53 Kitano Pearl Silver – Ink Review”

TWSBI Reviews – 580 Diamond and ECO

I have not done any formal pen reviews before, but I have a life-long love of fountain pens. My pen interest started when my father bought me a classic Pelikan 120 from Sam Flax on 5th Avenue in the late 1970s. I was maybe 11 or 12. I think his father may have bought himContinue reading “TWSBI Reviews – 580 Diamond and ECO”

Apica C.D. Premium A5 Notebook Review

I use a pair of A5 notebooks for my personal journal and my meeting notes. I like this set up, and it allows me to carry my important professional and personal journal books with me (when I used to carry things, now I just move them from room to room in my house). For theContinue reading “Apica C.D. Premium A5 Notebook Review”

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