Hobonichi Live

Tomorrow is a big day in planner geek world. Hobonichi planners for 2021 go on sale at midnight. You can buy direct from Hobonichi in Japan or from your favorite local store. I am a big fan of Wonder Pens in Toronto (their blog about running the store is fascinating) and may order from them, or may rely on my local Jenni Bick.

What do you have your eye on? What products have you used? What are you thinking about for this year? Have you given up on planners in a stay at home most of the time pandemic world?

I used a Techo for one year – I loved the paper but the page a day was too much for me and am now considering the A5 Date Free planner. I have not purchased many of the Hobo accessories but am thinking about a pencil board this year and, if I go for an A5, may look at their covers.

What is your plan?

TWSBI Reviews – 580 Diamond and ECO

I have not done any formal pen reviews before, but I have a life-long love of fountain pens. My pen interest started when my father bought me a classic Pelikan 120 from Sam Flax on 5th Avenue in the late 1970s. I was maybe 11 or 12. I think his father may have bought him one when he was a young boy in Europe at about the same age, and for me it is a treasured family heirloom. I later inherited a very rare Parker 75 Place Vendome from my dad after he passed away, a pen I will review one day soon. When I got older I started to pick up other vintage pens, including a number of Parker and Sheaffers that I will review in the future.

So despite having a bunch of fountain pens, I do not own very many new ones. I like the look and feel of older pens, and think they are incredible bargains as analog and fountain pens are less used and valued by the broader population (present company excluded, of course). But as I have visited pen stores and web sites it has been hard to miss the buzz and reputation about TWSBI pens. So I decided recently to take the plunge and purchased two TWSBI pens.

The first is the TWSBI Diamond 580 RBT (corrected) and the second is the new line of TWSBI ECO.

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Need a Friend?

Things are hard right now. No matter where you look,, things seem difficult and trying. Coronavirus, hatred, intolerance, racism, economic hardship, war, pain, corruption. People feel isolated, depressed and stretched thin. And then you hear about something nice. Something original. Something that can make the world seem nicer, and smaller, and warmer.

The lovely people at Wonder Pens – the next Canadian paper and pen store I plan to visit once Canada starts letting Americans into their country again is organizing a pen pal match up. They will read through the submissions and match you up with what they consider to be a compatible partners.

There are good people in the world. Most of us use pen and paper and know how to write in complete sentences. We need to stick together.

Thanks Wonder Pens. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

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