Mountain of Appreciation

I have a long interest and love for pens, paper and writing. Over the past few years, I have spent a good amount of time looking at a lot of terrific content from dedicated lovers of pen, paper, pencils and ink and the art/passion/pastime of writing. Having enjoyed the content over the past, I was finally motivated (pandemic provided me with a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere) to start my own site. They informed me and they have inspired me.

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Good INKpressions (110mm x 220mm) Notebook via ETSY

Since beginning Pen and Paper Geek, I have started to take a few flyers on products I would not normally buy. This gives me the chance to try some new things, put together a review for the blog, and if I end up with a notebook or a pen or some ink, so much the better. Win – win, as they say.

At the same time, for my personal use I have been trying to find a notebook the same size as Hobonichi Weeks with graph or dotted paper. I used a Hobonichi Weeks last year and bought a terrific Galen Leather cover that I love. I am not using Weeks in 2021, but want to make use of the Galen cover so need to fill it.

So in my search for notebook that is built the same size as Hobonichi Weeks (220mm x 110mm), I came across the ETSY site for INKpressions notebooks and decided to give it a try. I also took a chance because, it appears, there are VERY few options in the 110mm x 220mm range. The only ones I have found are Hobonichi blanks and this Good INKpressions. And so, I tool the plunge.

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Nanami Cafe B6 Notebook Review

I have a special affinity for Nanami notebooks and was eager to do a review on their terrific products. If you don’t know about Nanami, you should. They are one of the best providers of unique, high-quality Tomoe River notebooks around. It is an American company that has materials made in and shipped from Japan. I have been buying from them for several years and have never ever been disappointed.

I have also been trying to find a set of products that will be my 2021 set up, and so was also eager to see if Nanami’s B6 Cafe Notebook might be the right fit for me. My best planner/journaling year was 2018 when I first discovered and bought a Seven Seas grid notebook. It was perfect for me – the size, the paper, the freedom to adjust and evolve what I tracked and the large number of pages allowed me to keep both my planner and journal with me at one time. And I have already posted quite a few comments about my love for Tomoe River paper (and yes I know some are exercised about some changes) so the fact that they use Tomoe is a big selling point for me.

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