Staying Sharp

We have kids and over the years we have picked up a collection of pencil sharpeners. Small, cute, plastic, branded, colorful and – mostly – useless. A few are functional in a pinch but none were really up to the task of repeated, regular and demanding use. So I wanted something that I could rely on, that was portable (not that I am traveling much) and would handle a range of pencil types.

Usually these things can be hit or miss, but I am really pleased that my first swing resulted in a home run with the Kutsuwa Stad T’Gaal Pencil Sharpener from Jetpens. And I could not be more pleased with what I received. And that is after having been a little disappointed at first touch.

The Stad T’Gaas is a very light weight plastic device, and as such I was worried that this would be a pretty light weight performer. But I could not have been more wrong. This is a solid little highly capable sharpener.

The real payoff is that it can handle different cone diameters including a very fine point for graphite pencils and a flatter cone for art pencils. And it can do them all well. the internal blade is sharp and does it’s work quickly with minimal application of pressure. It does not catch or bite like make of the other plastic sharpeners in my house, and after multiple trial pencils holds its sharpness well.

The photo is lousy but you can see settings 1 3 and 5

It has 5 conical settings and an enclosed shavings compartment. The device also seals shut when not in use. The compartment for shavings is quite small, but then again there is no need to shave 10 pencils without emptying is there?

This is not a compact product, and those on the move may want something a little smaller but overall I am thrilled with the purchase and am eager to try some more of Kutsuwa’s office products.

I purchased this item from Jetpens with my own funds and was not provided anything for this review.

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