Kobe Ink #53 Kitano Pearl Silver – Ink Review

I am not sure how often I will do ink reviews. There are so many really good, dedicated web sites and blogs to ink reviews (Mountain of Ink is one of my favorites, and is just as advertised). I have purchased a few inks to fill my small but growing pen collection, and from time to time will share the inks I like and use regularly.

Today, I’ll share the Kobe Ink #53 Kitano Pearl Silver. I purchased this ink after seeing a review on Fountain Pen Love. I enjoy the blog and when someone I read and respect talks about a favorite ink, I take notice. I have a lot of colored inks and “needed” a grey so when FPL noted their all time preferred grey was the Kobe Ink #53, I took the plunge. Kobe Ink, for those like me who are still learning about such things, are imported from the Nagasawa Department Store in Kobe, and are made by Sailor ink in Japan. They make some really lovely products and I like the flow and feel of the inks I have tried.

So when I got the Kobe ink, I was excited.

And then I tried it.

And I did not like it.

I filled one of my old Parker Vacs with it, and the ink was not what I expected or what I was hoping for. It was very light and faint and after I tried it a few times I put it up on my shelf and assumed I would just chalk this one up to a rookie mistake.

And then, I started to realize that maybe the problem was with the pen and the fill, not the ink. So I purchased a dip pen (because I want to be a tad more professional about these things and, frankly, Parker Vacs are a pain to clean). And lo and behold, the ink is really good and I am starting to use it a lot more.

Much darker than with the Parker, which I clearly filled too quickly after having cleaned it out. The pen must have had some residual water in the chamber.

Your can see the results of the dip pen here.

I know my IPhone photo skills need work, and the lighting in my basement/studio also are not the best, but the ink is really lovely. It shades from dark to shadow-like, and edges nicely. The drying time is a tad long on my test notebook (Kleid) but not in the extreme.

So, I have a pen now properly filled with my Kobe #53 Kitano and have it is regular use.

I purchased this product with my own funds from Vanness Pen Shop and was not provided with anything for this review.

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