Mountain of Appreciation

I have a long interest and love for pens, paper and writing. Over the past few years, I have spent a good amount of time looking at a lot of terrific content from dedicated lovers of pen, paper, pencils and ink and the art/passion/pastime of writing. Having enjoyed the content over the past, I was finally motivated (pandemic provided me with a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere) to start my own site. They informed me and they have inspired me.

From time to time, however, I intend to say thanks by writing about and linking to one of the sites that I have enjoyed and that got me started. If you have found my site then I will guess many of you may already know about the ones I will mention, but then again maybe I have found something new to you and can share the love.

My first entry is dedicated to a site that does something very well, has done it for a long time, and that is my go to reference if something new comes across my radar.

Mountain of Ink

If you are going to do something, do it well. That is advice for life, and Mountain of Ink is a living testament to the same idea. They have just passed over 1200 ink reviews. 1200 REVIEWS!! It is a rare day indeed if I come across a new ink, a new ink provider, or a new ink concept and there is not already a lot of content about them on MOI.

The reviews are clear and straightforward. The photography is solid and shows the unique character (or lack thereof) of the inks being reviewed, and their catalogue of inks across color, producer, country, etc is a valuable resource. Cross referenced by color and producer and other qualities. Pretty insane (in a good, obsessive and helpful sort of way).

Kelli does such a good job at what she does that I hesitate to post my own reviews on ink. I will do it from time to time because they are fun and I like to share what I like to write with, but in the end know that her dedication to this area of the art is at the top of the peak. And I am thankful for her work and sharing what she does.

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