Good INKpressions (110mm x 220mm) Notebook via ETSY

Since beginning Pen and Paper Geek, I have started to take a few flyers on products I would not normally buy. This gives me the chance to try some new things, put together a review for the blog, and if I end up with a notebook or a pen or some ink, so much the better. Win – win, as they say.

At the same time, for my personal use I have been trying to find a notebook the same size as Hobonichi Weeks with graph or dotted paper. I used a Hobonichi Weeks last year and bought a terrific Galen Leather cover that I love. I am not using Weeks in 2021, but want to make use of the Galen cover so need to fill it.

So in my search for notebook that is built the same size as Hobonichi Weeks (220mm x 110mm), I came across the ETSY site for INKpressions notebooks and decided to give it a try. I also took a chance because, it appears, there are VERY few options in the 110mm x 220mm range. The only ones I have found are Hobonichi blanks and this Good INKpressions. And so, I tool the plunge.

I had pretty low expectations since I had never heard or purchased from them before. The definition of a flyer. The notebook I got in the mail turns out to be a pretty decent product and better than, frankly, I expected. Nothing fancy so let call it stapled but sturdy. The cover is a nicely colored cardboard with a rough texture to it. The company offers over a dozen color options. It is stapled, not glued and will not lie flat, but again given what I intend to use it for, not an issue. The cover does not look like it will hold up to heavy use without some weathering.

It is, thankfully, made with Tomoe River paper, cream-colored with a small grid pattern. The paper is as advertised, quiet, smooth and low/no sheen. It has a rather quick drying time, even with wet ink and has no bleed through or shadowing. With a fine nib fountain pen, there was no feathering at all.

TWSBI with Kobe Ink Motomachi

At $16 for 120 pages it is not cheap, but it is the only product I have found that fits the Hobo Weeks size aside from Hobo blanks, and those are no bargain either. If anyone has found other notebooks in the 110mm x 220mm size, I’d be interested in knowing.

I have gone back and ordered a few of these for my 2021 set up and will see how it does. But overall, I have been impressed at this decently made and conveniently sized notebook.

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One thought on “Good INKpressions (110mm x 220mm) Notebook via ETSY

  1. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Traveler’s Company and JetPen Kanso Sasshi TN regular size notebooks. But when I checked their measurements, I found they are slightly shorter at 110mm x 210mm. Traveler’s Company is also thinner at 64 pages while JetPens is at 120 pages. Both uses fountain pen friendly paper.


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