Nanami Cafe B6 Notebook Review

I have a special affinity for Nanami notebooks and was eager to do a review on their terrific products. If you don’t know about Nanami, you should. They are one of the best providers of unique, high-quality Tomoe River notebooks around. It is an American company that has materials made in and shipped from Japan. I have been buying from them for several years and have never ever been disappointed.

I have also been trying to find a set of products that will be my 2021 set up, and so was also eager to see if Nanami’s B6 Cafe Notebook might be the right fit for me. My best planner/journaling year was 2018 when I first discovered and bought a Seven Seas grid notebook. It was perfect for me – the size, the paper, the freedom to adjust and evolve what I tracked and the large number of pages allowed me to keep both my planner and journal with me at one time. And I have already posted quite a few comments about my love for Tomoe River paper (and yes I know some are exercised about some changes) so the fact that they use Tomoe is a big selling point for me.

The bottom line up front – the B6 Cafe notebook is a winner. It is well made, lies flat, is filled with pages of ultra thin Tomoe River goodness and has a small grid pattern that I find perfect for either using or ignoring as you wish. The cover is made from a textured cardstock, that has a weave on the surface and is a deep red/plum. The first page is glued in the cover, so usually gets killed, and the rest of the notebook is stitched and glued and is very solid. It is a true lie flat notebook, which at a smaller size is not easy and a nice plus.

Iroshizuku ku-jaku ink, TWSBI 580 fine nib

The writing experience is exactly what I have come to expect. There is a slight sheen to the Tomoe paper, and it is smooth and quiet. Drying times are extended, but in a nice touch the notebook comes with its own blotter page (in pink) and there is no bleed (except with Sharpie pens or very, very heavy ink use). The slight shadow means you can use front and back of the pages, making this a long-lived notebook no matter how much you write.

My own mistake was in hoping this would fit nicely into the Hobonichi Weeks cover I purchased from Galen last year. I love the Galen cover and am working to ensure it remains in the rotation, even through I am not using a Weeks planner in 2021. However, through my own mistake I have discovered the B6 notebook is slightly wider than Weeks and thick enough that it is not a good match for the Weeks cover However, my love for Nanami will ensure this notebook gets regular use this year.

I highly recommend you trying one of the Nanami notebooks. They are highly functional, affordable, and made by people who love notebooks for people who love notebooks.

I purchased this notebook with my own funds and was not provided anything in return for this review.

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