Full Blown Hobonichi

For those who care, the entire 2021 Hobonichi product line up dropped this morning. After 24 days of teasers, you can see the entire line up and start thinking through whether you are going this route.

Screen Capture – https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/magazine/2021/y21/index.html

Hobonichi make, in my opinion, the most detailed, well thought out and well-made planners anywhere. They are not cheap, but more value than a Moleskin or other mass marketed planner, and much less than Filofax or similar “pro” planners in the U.S. They are a phenomenon in Japan. They can be personalized, or you can use them as a strict planning guide.

I am still deciding on my 2021 plans. I may go with an unstructured Nanami Seven Seas but am increasingly drawn to the Hobo Days Free A5. I have my eye on a hew other ideas as well. 2020 was my first experience with Hobo Weeks Mega, which worked well but I am going to try another set up this year. Maybe.


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One thought on “Full Blown Hobonichi

  1. I made my own planner in a dot-grid Rhodia last year and that worked well enough that I’m trying it again with a Dingbats notebook (which has a teeny bit of bullet journal stuff in it). If I hadn’t already made my calendar pages I would have tried that Hobonichi, what, Day-Free? Because that looks nearly perfect for me. Maybe for 2022.

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