Pebble Stationery Co Notebook Review

Tomoe River paper. It gets me every time. I love the feel and look of the paper and I am always eager to see what different producers do with this magical substance. So when I read or hear about a new provider, I’ll check it out. That brings me to today’s review, Pebble Stationery Co Cahier Notebook.

This is a pretty standard notebook. Nothing fancy. It comes with a heavy card stock cover, this one with a woven texture, that is pretty nice. The company produces and ships from China, however, and the voyage over was clearly a little rough on my envelope. The package was a little beat up and the cover was likewise bent up a bit. Not the producer’s fault, but it is shows you that the cover will not stay smooth and clean with regular use unless you are pretty careful with it. If you don’t care, or use an extra cover, this should not be an issue for you.

Of course, we are here for the paper and it does not disappoint. It is a nice dot grid, and the paper is pretty matte. No sheen at all. The 52 GSM is medium thickness, thicker than Nanami and Stalogy, for comparison. And it holds up pretty well to a variety of pens.

Fountain pen inks take a while to dry, and I would say it takes a little longer on Pebble than some other papers. Depends on how wet your pen and ink go on, of course, but you will need to be patient or get a blotter if you work with fountain pens a lot. However, the flow of the pen on paper is very smooth. No feathering at all, not catching even with a fine nib and a medium nib Pelikan with Kobe ink was like skating on ice. Very smooth, nice writing experience.

The real plus is on the reverse side – almost no bleed through or shadow at all. Even on a Sharpie fine point pen. This paper is the real deal and showed very nicely. The paper does crinkle a bit and I suspect this notebook would show a lot of wear and tear after regular use, so maybe best for desk top or static duty.

The company produces a number of other style notebooks, including some nicely covered hard or leather books. I can easily see a hard cover book being a terrific journal or writer’s book. I’ve not held one in my hands, so can’t comment on the quality of the thicker, more durable books.

Shipping from the producer in China was fairly quick and easy. The cost for 1 Cahier notebook was pretty reasonable at $12.95 for 120 pages. Hard to find as many pages of Tomoe in a notebook for the price. Shipping adds a little, and perhaps they save on the card stock and shipping.

Overall a solid, workman-like, basic entry into the Tomoe market. I will review a few others in the same category and will compile a comprehensive list soon.

I purchased this notebook with my own funds and was not provided with any materials or compensation for this review.

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