How To Plan for Planners

I need a planner to set aside all of the time I usually spend thinking about next year’s planner. Maybe it is a throwback to buying school supplies when I was a kid, or maybe it is the idea that with the right planner I can finally stay on top of all of the little details of my life. Either way, I get excited about planners and nothing gets my imagination running as Hobonichi previews and releases.

So when The Gentleman Stationer posted this week that the Hobonichi 2021 teasers were starting this week, well, there went the rest of my day. I used a standard Hobonichi Techno in 2018 but it was just too much planner for me. I prefer a week at a glance, not a day at a glance but other than that I loved it. The feel, the layout, the paper, the little touches. Everything is thought out.

I had missed that Hobonichi had produced a Day-Free in 2020 – it has the months and then date free pages afterwards, in both A6 and A5. Actually, I am not sure if they have a month and then a set of pages and then another month and then pages (I would prefer) or if it is 12-16 months and then open. I suspect it is the latter.

They are doing it again in 2021 and this immediately becomes one of my possible set ups. Did anyone use this is 2020 and any reviews they wants to share? The paper and the construction are worth the investment, but the layout is such a personal thing it is hard for me ot say it is right for you.

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