Getting Inked – Kobe Ink #20 Motomachi Rouge

So I am not an ink expert. I am nothing close to an ink expert. I have seen and admired how some of the writers review and track inks. Among the best are Mountains of Ink who seem to have a few dozen reviews every month. So while I have checked out these reviews for a while, I have never really been an ink collector. I have a few pens and a few inks I like and that has been fine.

But then I realized that I could use a few more inks for my growing collection of pens. And with the blog, I thought it might be good to just cover a few of them. I do not intend to be an ink review site. I don’t really have a great camera, which for me would be essential to providing anyone with insights on inks that might help them out. That being said, from time to time when I find something I really like I plan to share it.

Which brings me to my first ever ink review – tadaaaaaaaa. Kobe Ink #20 Motomachi Rouge. I understand these inks are made by Sailor. I purchased this one as part of a sampler pack from Goulet Pens (in fact, I got this from a Vanness Pen sampler, not Goulet. Vanness is awesome and so is Goulet). They seem to be nice people and have a terrific website and set up. And right out of the gate, this ink just grabbed me.

The first photo is in indoor light and the second is the same, but with a flash. Both are done with my IPhone so hard to get an accurate sense for the color. But it is a deep, lush, stark red tat really stands out. I am hooked on this, and will probably take the plunge for a full bottle. It is that striking. I might end up doing one ink review each month or so, but if you have a thing for inks I highly recommend Mountains of Ink.

UPDATE – Just today I came across a great ink review piece on Sheaffer inks on Well Appointed Desk. It is another example of why I won’t do many ink reviews on this site because there are a lot of smarter people who will do it better than I ever could.

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