Go To Fountain Pen #1 – Kaweco Sport AL

Everyone has favorites. In food, in music, in people and for those into them pens. For me, one of my top go to pens is the Kaweco Sport AL with a fine nib. This pen is, well, damn near perfect for everyday us. It is light, writes well, has reliable and clean ink flow, is affordable, and gets the job done. I’ve had mine for 3+ years and it has stood up to almost daily use with never a problem. It is especially good for people on the go (harder in the Covid times). Like all Kaweko sport, it takes a short standard cartridge and even with dozens of flights I have never had a leak or flow issues.

The Pros: Light. This pen is barely there, but with a cap has 4 3/4″ length. I prefer a little longer and my hand does get tired if I am writing linger letters or documents, but for taking notes, summaries and the like the length is perfect. Ink flow from cartridge is smooth and I rarely get a delay in flow, even after days of it not being used. The nib is quite stiff and leads to a nice, even and consistent line. As with all Kaweco products, it is well made, well engineers and uses really reliable materials.

The Cons: It is light, and some people may prefer more weight/heft even in a travel pen. It is, as I mentioned above, a little short and if you have larger hands or are going to be doing a lot of writing, may lead to THS (Tired Hand Syndrome). It is more expensive than a disposable, which people might prefer to use for their day to day use.

Overall: This is one of the prime pens in my rotation. I use it more than most pens, even if it is not my most loved pen. Regularly a top 5 for my personal use and I would highly recommend.

Published by Jon Wolfsthal

Analog Enthusiast

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