Stalogy 1/2 Year Notebook

I fell in love with Stalogy when I found them about 2 years ago. There is so much to love about this notebook, and it remains a go to for many of my daily functions. It is affordable, versatile, well-made, stylish and easy to find. Yet over the course of the past few years my love has turned to basic affection and appreciation. And while I know I will continue to use what I have and probably buy more, it is no longer by all time favorite.

The pros: First, the notebook is well made and sturdy. You can bend it, carry it, travel with it and it will hold up well. It has a soft plastic cover that holds up to damage very well. The paper is high quality and does not feather or bleed easily. It is not Tomoe (more on this later) but is as close to the quality as you can get for the price. The layout is simplistic, but versatile. The dating system at the top of each page allows you to track day, date and month and the grid system includes 24 hour clock on each margin. It is ideal for a bullet journal or customized planner use. And since it is not date stamped, you can pick one up and start any day of the year. The grid is subtle, so you can ignore it if you want or use it for everything.

The cons: It is not Tomoe river paper. The paper is a bit stiffer and thicker, and does not have the same feel as Tomoe. That may not be a con for you, but over time it is becoming more for me. For both my planner and my journal, I live the feel and touch of Tomoe, and so Stalogy has started to fall short for two of my main uses. It remains a go to for my business note taking, but my personal tastes are changing for the more intimate uses.

Overall: High quality, reliable, worth the purchase. Options include a 1/2 year and full year 365 in a variety of colors. Available from multiple providers. The A5 comes in Comes in 1/2 year (192 pages) and full year (368 pages) options. Also available in 368 page A6, B5, and B6 sizes. All in a variety of colors (Yellow, Blue, Black and Red, at least).

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